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OpenNube's value proposition is centered around helping customers manage their Business Continuity Process and Business IT Protection. To accomplish this, we have developed a comprehensive set of solutions that helps companies protect their critical assets and ensure business continuity in the event of disruptions.

We specialize in helping your businesses keep their digital world running smoothly and securely every day.


OpenNube Value Proposition

Effective business continuity planning and IT protection are critical components for any successful business.
At OpenNube, we understand the importance of protecting critical assets and ensuring business continuity in case of disruptions.

We help our customer to implement solutions in three key areas:


Company Data Protection

  • We offer a full set of backup solutions to protect your data as the foundation stone of your company value protection strategy.

Business IT Infrastructure Protection

  • By partnering with industry leader Fortinet Inc., we can deliver an end-to-end solution to shield your business IT infrastructure. This allows us to ensure that your digital world will runs smoothly and securely every day, protecting your critical assets from potential threats.

Contingency Plan Implementation

  • To be prepare is key. We can deliver a Virtual Private Cloud Solution, to strengthen your company's presence in the cloud. This not only expands your service offerings but also provides an alternative space to run your business seamlessly in the face of contingency events.


OpenNube specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for effective business continuity planning and IT protection.

The company focuses on three key areas:

Company Data Protection, offering tailored solutions as the foundation of a robust protection strategy; Business IT Infrastructure Protection, collaborating with Fortinet to deliver end-to-end security for critical assets; and Contingency Plan Implementation, introducing a Virtual Private Cloud Solution to enhance a company's cloud presence and ensure seamless business operations in contingency events.

OpenNube's goal is to safeguard data, fortify IT infrastructure, and enable businesses to thrive securely in the face of disruptions.



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