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What our customers say

We talk about our technology but having our clients tell their experience has more merit. Discover the opinion of our clients.
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    Transforming legacy systems into cloud-driven success



    “Working with OpenNube was a game-changer for us. they took our complex legacy systems and transformed them into a cloud-powered engine of efficiency and security. We are now better equipped to server our clients; we couldn't be happier with the results.”


    Cooper Taxes

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    Painting the future with cloud-based efficiency and IT excellence


    “OpenNube has been instrumental in our transformation. Thanks to their expertise, we've moved our entire operation to the cloud and outsourced our IT department to OpenNube. We're now more resilient, efficient, and focused on our core business.”


    Dulakis Patting

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    Empowering business continuity through cloud ERP and resilient data management


    “OpenNube play a pivotal role in transforming our operations. Thanks to their expertise, we've migrated to the cloud, ensuring seamless access to our ERP system. Their off-site backup solution gives us peace of mind knowing our data is secure.”

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    Interamericas Food and Beverages Inc.

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    Elevating Call Center efficiency with cloud-powered solutions

    “OpenNube transformed our call center operations beyond our expectations. Chandra, Manager at Cruise Vacation Outlet, highly recommends their expertise. We now operate seamlessly in the cloud, delivering superior customer service and flexibility.”

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    Cruise Vacation Outlet






    OpenNube goal is centered around helping our customer manage their Business Continuity Process and their Business IT Protection mechanism.


    Embracing Digital Transformation Services


    We specialize in helping your business keep their digital world running smoothly and securely every day.


    Redefining Tech Management for business Success


    Reduce your tech stress and increase your success by letting us manage your technology while you manage your business.


    How we help you

    OpenNube Business Continuity Solution

    Our consultative service were we provide a comprehensive set of tools and services to help organizations prepare for and respond to disasters.

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      Get your disaster recovery planning

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      Have a data backup and recovery process

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      Identify what and how  to monitoring your critical systems

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      Get expert support to plan, execute and operate your system


    OpenNube Business IT Protection Solution

    Understand how we can help you to let's you focus en your business while we protect your company assets.

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    Secure your Network

    Protect your network infrastructure from external and internal threats

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    Secure your Data

    Protect  your sensitive data through encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention solutions.

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    Off Site Backup

    Regularly back up your critical data and systems off site your network to ensure data can be restored in case of a security incident.

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    Private Cloud Workspace

    A  dedicated private cloud resources integrated with your on-premise offices and remote workers to empower your operations 

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    Network Monitoring and Threat Detection

    Use monitoring tools and technologies to identify and respond to suspicious activities or potential threats.

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    Outsourced IT Support

    Develop a strategies and plan to detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

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